HPM-5 2mm Connectors

This cabling system incorporates the latest technology and material available. Exceptional performance and application-specific features for cable to board and cable to back-plane interface set this system apart from all others.

This system was developed to meet the demands of the telecom, data processing, industrial process controls, medical systems, avionics, instrumentation and automatic test equipment (ATE) markets.

Presently available in 1×5 and 1×5+2 configurations, this System will interface with all suppliers that are compatible with IEC 61076-4-101. Also, these Cabling Systems can be supplied with shielded back-shells for applications with EMI requirements. A variety of cables are available for single-ended or balanced-line circuitry ranging from 26AWG to 34AWG.



Features and Benefits

  • Joy Signal’s termination does not require overmolding of the strain relief. This prevents crushing of the soft foam dielectric, which can cause impedance spikes and unwanted reflections with fast risetimes.
  • Welded terminations provide a molecular bond between the wire and the contact, resulting in superior reliability and electrical properties. Joy Signal’s weld monitoring process automatically allows for statistical process control for inline quality assurance.
  • The impedance is slightly inductive in a 50 ohm environment, which compensates for inherent PCB via capacitance and allows faster signal transition.
  • Unique construction allows for flexible pin-out configurations.
  • The design will mate with all IEC 61076-4-101 compatible shrouds.
  • Cables available with the Joy Signal HPM-5 System include 26 to 34 AWG, high-speed miniature coax, and differential pair.