Coax PoLo

Data Sheet

  • Custom Blocks


Electrical Specifications

The Coax Polo is a connector valid for use above 3 GHz. Testing on a double ended assembly with a short length of coax in between gave less than 2dB attenuation at 3 GHz. The connector impedance is within 10% of 50 ohms when measured with a 150 pS rise time, and the impedance is much closer to 50 ohms as the rise time gets longer. The electrical length of the connector is approximately 100 pS. The connector is completely shielded.

Mechanical Specifications

The Coax Polo is a connector with a metal outer body. It is intended to be pressed into metal blocks, with the customer controlling the signal positioning in the blocks. The individual connectors are .10″ in diameter. The metal block accepts the spring probes for the grounds. The spacing of spring probes can be as tight as .08 x .08 (with every second probe a ground pin).