.100″ Single Signal Interconnect (SSI)

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Joy Signal Technology’s Single Signal Interconnect (SSI™) Assemblies accurately control analog and digital signals for applications with 3nS to sub nS edge rates. The assemblies are engineered to match requirements for controlled impedance, high speed and low crosstalk.

Joy Signal Technology’s SSI Assemblies are .100″ pitch centerline .025″ square socket, high performance, cost effective terminations. The socket contacts are resistance welded to the conductors for ultimate electrical continuity.

Square socket terminations may be housed individually or consolidated into multi-position carrier systems for grouped interfacing with single, dual or triple row headers. Side and end stackable carriers, latch and eject keyed carriers and 96 position triple row DIN compatible carriers are available. Keying and polarization plugs are optional.

SSI Assemblies are also available using BNC, SMA, SMB, or SMC connectors. Virtually any combination of connectors may be used on opposite ends to meet specific application requirements.

Joy Signal Technology’s cables are designed for single or differential mode transmission lines and are available with impedance from 50 to 100 ohms. Among the cable options are twisted pair, coax, twinax and shielded twisted pair. Each cable is designed to maximize performance.

  • Built for reliability in applications where performance is critical
  • Engineered to match application requirements for controlled impedance, high-speed and low crosstalk
  • Overmolded to provide reliable strain relief
  • Square socket terminations offer:
    – Resistance welded socket contacts/conductors for ultimate electrical continuity
    – Mating with .025″ square or round pins
    – Side and end stackability on .100″ grid
    – Choice of pinout configurations
    – Axial or right angle cable exits
  • 100% electrically tested. Products must pass all standard checks for continuity, open and shorts and HiPot. See Electrical Test Data for typical performance

Questions about custom cable assemblies?
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